Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An "Errorist" Attack on Me

Taxi: Where are you from?

Hunter: Washington, D.C.

Taxi: America? I hate Americans.

Hunter: Hmph. So.

Taxi: Do you know where I'm from? Can you guess?

Hunter: No.

Taxi: Go ahead. Guess.

Hunter: No. Make this right. And a left at the roundabout.

Taxi: I'm Pakistani.

Hunter: That's nice.

Taxi: You call me terrorist. And kill my people.

Hunter: I don't call you a terrorist. I call you a taxi driver. And I don't kill people.
I make ads. You make this left please.

Taxi: I don't like Americans.

Hunter: You don't like tips either.

Taxi: Oh, I'm not serious. All countries, all people are bad and kill people.

Hunter: What's your name?

Taxi: Faisal.

Hunter: Faisal? How coincidental. That's the name of the arrested Pakistani suspected of putting that failed bomb in Times Square the other day. He was arrested at the airport on his way to Dubai. You can drop me off here. Thanks.

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  1. faisal ain't your homeboy then?