Saturday, November 20, 2010

Star Trek is Racist

You mean to tell me that you can travel ten times the speed of light, bend space, create sentient robots, a personal matrix, rearrange molecules to make food, destroy planets and completely defy the physics of the vacuum of space by hearing explosions and lasers in space, but the Black dude is blind? C'mon! I mean, is it just coincidence that in the future Kunta Kinte is disabled--you know, someone looked at differently? Just sayin...

Geordi LaForge. The BL_ _ _ Guy
And he never got laid. He couldn't even bang Whoopi Goldberg (of Captain Planet fame). And blindness is a prerequisite to bang her!

Whorf. The Former Thug Who Made It Outta Da Hood.
Black. Angry. Savage. Doesn't speak the same way he did while growing up. I see "stereotypecast" written all over this one. And he's a f@cking Uncle Tom sellout.

Data. Named After the Asian Kid from Goonies.
The robot. Uber smart. Yellow skin. Never smiles. How subtle. He was also built with an unnecessary penis, as he has used it. Robots with dicks? Sounds like a very Japanese thing to me. I'm just sayin'...

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Deanna Troi's fine ass single-handedly raised the stock value of lotion and tissue in the early 90s.

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You'd think humans might be a bit more brown in the future. Apparently, humans will still believe in reproducing only with their own skin color. And you wonder why aliens don't come here. We're galactic trash. Racism in the supposedly most intelligent life form on the planet is the dumbest thing in the Cosmos.


I wonder why there aren't any gay people in the future or in any other alien race. But then again, it also seems that Jesus never showed up.
Just sayin...