Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Play with Boys Bunny

Have you ever met a character who was just a bit more animated than most people?
The kind who speaks very effeminately, maybe dresses in drag and kisses men?
You know--

Bugs Bunny.

I'm not saying Bugs is gay. I'm just saying he occasionally dabbles in transvestism and gets his proverbial rocks off by teasing his ever-confused secret lover Elmer Fudd.

Now I'm not saying Elmer's gay, but I think the whiskers would be a dead giveaway of Bugs' masculinity. But Fudd is known to be confused too, as you'll soon see.

Look, we all know bunnies are horny little beasts...
...and will hump

Look what a cock-a-doodle will do!

But I can understand Bugs' confusion. He has no genitalia.

But it's Elmer Fudd I'm concerned about. He's kinda sick in the head, and needs psychotherapy. The mask of Hannibal Lecter kind. He wants to eat a male rabbit, but bang a shemale one?
He is a tad bit messed up. Look at what Bugs has put him through! The guy doesn't know who he is anymore--A man, a woman, gay, lesbian, bi, interspecies-ist!

[See exhibit A below]

By the way, Tweety Bird, hermaphrodite mutant child dwarf clone of the giant genetic abberration (also a spawn of the avian version of Hermes and Aphrodite) Big Bird, who impregnated itself, is not gay. Hermaphrodites, especially mutants, can't be gay.

It's been brought to my attention that there are many suspect closet toons.
Let us not forget the inseparable Shag "He" and Scooby "Doo"...

But really...that's just bestiality.