Wednesday, February 3, 2010

El Libro de la Cara

Today. 2004. Mark Zuckerburg launched what was at first called "The Facebook". These days it's known simply as Facebook, or WaceTime.

The website's name comes from the student directory book with names and photos that's distributed to incoming students at many universities.

Harvard sophomore Zuckerburg, a comp-sci major, had gotten the idea for doing an online facebook when he was slightly drunk on a Tuesday night. He'd just been dumped by his now regretful girlfriend and was looking for a distraction.

Whereas most college kids would probably opt for the less savory stimuli of the net, he got off by a hackjob into the Harvard database, copying photos from dorm lists and putting them online onto The Facebook, of which he wrote the code.

In its first few hours of operation, hundreds of potential Illuminatus Skulls & Bones members, I mean--Harvard students, used it to look at over 20,000 photos of their classmates.

A few days later, the site was shut down by Harvard and Zuckerburg was charged with a number of disciplinary things, including violating privacy rules and breaching security. They dropped the charges for some reason, then called him to a secret initiation of blood sacrifice with a virgin monkey, and to set up the secret plan for dominating the world through status updates and pointless sharing.

Today, about 350 million addicts around the world actively abuse Facebook as a Social NOTworking tool. And now gajillionaire Mark Zuckerberg can get any half-naked girl's picture to chat with him. For free.

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