Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stop hatin' on Bush?

This blog is about gangsta rappers who hate on G. Dubs.

Okay, so gangster rapper specimen "A" who generally raps about being hated on, shooting haters, making money illegally (or through rapping), selling drugs, committing crimes, being a "boss," etc. decides to hate on Bush. Does anyone see the hypocrisy in that?

Look here, punk ass...Just because Bush got a bigger gang than you, more gats, is a bigger boss, and got some sick nonsensical slang and better game, don't be hating. He's just on his grind. He ain't even gotta leave his office and can wipe out all of his enemies or a country...or the world. Shit, he's got all the dope money, from cocaine in Colombia to opium in Afghanistan, so you can't tell him shit about this game, homie. But you hatin'.

Shit, he's at least never going to jail. You've been to jail. You brag about it on your rap songs. The same song you use to snitch on yourself. All these rappers who been to jail before, I never hear them talk about getting ass fucked. I guess that part wasn't so cool.

Bush can send people such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, CBS, FOX and NBC to your house right now and confiscate your life, dummy. You fuckers talk about money and power and hoes and clothes...nigga please. You ain't got shit on Bush. You should be looking up to him. You should be kissing his ass just to learn how to run such game. Fake ass baby gangstas wasting your time spitting nursery rhymes. Bush ain't never been shot nine times. Shit, the worst physical pain he's ever gone through was falling off that gotdam Segway.

Okay...tis all. Don't hate the player. Change the game, bitches. Be a real gangster like G. Dubya.

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